ICE9 was born from The University of Manchester’s innovative research robotics group offering development platforms for academic research and education. Through this research, ICE9 has been able to improve safety for personnel working in hazardous or harsh environments.  Offering cost-effective robotic platforms to aid in the inspection and maintenance of the nuclear decommissioning sector. However, ICE9 are now involved in projects ranging across the energy sector. Oil & Gas, coal, offshore wind-farms, the lot. All have their own unique challenges. Challenges ICE9 can develop innovative solutions for! Offering inspection and maintenance support for technicians on the ground.

Due to ICE9’s research roots, there is no idea too crazy to try and implement, to solve those awkward problems that require a bespoke solution. It may be, that ICE9 have a robotic platform that just needs minor modifications for your needs. It is always worth a quick chat to work out if ICE9 can help and what ICE9 can offer. ICE9 always puts their customers’ needs first, and will offer you honest advice and assessment.