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RAIN was a community of enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivated individuals working together to solve some of the most challenging robotics problems in the world.

At its core were ten research institutions, led by the University of Manchester, each bringing their own expertise.

News Archive

NNUF Hot Robotics Symposium

13th April 2022

Prof Robert Buckingham on Honour List

4th January 2021

Development of pipe inspection robot

5th August 2020

Dr. Tilly Alton’s Secondment to the ORI

3rd June 2020

Dr Inmo Jang’s Secondment to Japan

19th February 2020

RAIN researchers awarded 2 NNUF grants

13th December 2019

Three new academic research partners in RAIN

14th October 2019

Two RAIN researchers awarded Chair in Emerging Technologies

30th April 2019

Kuka glovebox remote handling demonstration

25th February 2019

Venturing towards the ‘Unknown Room’

8th November 2018

RAIN November 21 Big Meet

9th February 2022

Remote Inspection of Reactor 4  Shelter

1st December 2020

3D Mapping with handheld sensors 

5th August 2020

HRI – Human Robot Interaction

28th April 2020

Createc and ORI collaboration

17th January 2020

Delivering change through robotics at SL

23rd October 2019

Formal methods in Autonomous Systems Workshop

12th October 2019

Safety Case Workshop 2

20th April 2019

New Universities Minister visits RAIN … twice!

10th February 2019

Adventures in Japan – Reactor Cores and Dragon Eggs

3rd November 2018

Grant awarded and started in October 2017

21st May 2018

University of Bristol Hot Robotics

11th November 2021

Dr. Cardoso & Dr. Ferrando secondment to NIST–US

30th November 2020

RACE shares robotics expertise

5th August 2020

RAIN meets with industry

27th April 2020

Understanding the effects of radiation on robotic systems

17th January 2020

Liverpool team wins Programming Contest

23rd October 2019

Remote Inspection Working Group at Bristol

9th September 2019

Mobile Robot Scans UKAEA Waste Store

18th March 2019


7th February 2019

Robotics and AI in Extreme Environments: What’s the Future?

3rd September 2018

RAIN researchers presented at waste management symposium 2018

21st May 2018

ONR Collaboration

21st July 2021

ISCF Robots for a Safer World Cross-Hub Activities

8th October 2020

RAIN PM guinea-pig for COVID vaccine trial

5th August 2020

European Robotics Forum 2020

27th April 2020

SLAM secondment in Japan

19th December 2019

Autonomous robot asset inspection

19th December 2019

Dr. Mathieu Geisert Awarded Best Paper at TAROS 2019

9th August 2019

Hub Directors Meeting

12th March 2019

AI-Assisted Teleoperation of Dual Arms

1st February 2019

June 2018 User Group Meetings

3rd September 2018

Remote Handling working group meeting 13th April 2018

21st May 2018

Autonomous Exploration and Radiation Mapping 

1st February 2021

Robotic inspection of active sites at Dounreay

12th August 2020

RIWG trials in drummed waste store

8th June 2020

RAIN Expansion Scheme

22nd April 2020

Testing ANYmal at RACE

19th December 2019

Outreach activities

18th October 2019

RAIN Demonstration day

30th April 2019

Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, Knowledge Transfer Network event

30th April 2019

First Trials of a Submersible Raman Inspection Platform

22nd January 2019

Testing the AVEXIS in Fukushima

1st June 2018