Tracked Ground ROV

Exploration Platform Capable of Deployment in Hazardous Confined Spaces

The Lyra robotic platform is a tracked, small, cost-effective ROV capable of deployment in hazardous confined spaces such as ducts, drains and voids. The Lyra is capable of taking swabs and samples with its on-board robotic arm, whilst simultaneously completing radiological characterisation of its environment.

On-board cameras, laser-scanners and dimmable lighting offer the ability to complete visual inspections, whilst the ROV can calculate its real world position. This position is then tied in with swabs taken by the manipulator, and readings taken from the on-board radiation sensors, to offer a complete characterisation of the environment to site operators.

Notable Achievements and Demonstrations

  • The Lyra has been successfully deployed at the Dounreay nuclear decommissioning site. This led to a saving of £3-£4million for the Dounreay site to complete characterisation of a 140m length of duct. This deployment has led to recognition within the wider NDA estate and saw the Lyra named as one of Time’s top 200 inventions of 2022.

You can find out more information on the Lyra Robotic Platform here. 

Lyra deployment- inspection in ventilation duct at Dounreay