Tracked Ground ROV

Exploration Platform Capable of Mounting Sensors and Manipulators

The Vega robot is an ideal platform to perform essential radiation surveys in areas unsafe for humans. The Vega is a small, tracked ROV designed to be a low cost and modular solution to nuclear challenges.  This exploration platform can incorporate a range of sensors and cameras, offering a robust characterisation of unmapped spaces.

Notable Achievements and Demonstrations

  • White trials conducted for key stakeholders at The University of Bristol, School of Physics and at The University of Bristol’s Fenswood facility where the robot was demonstrated moving over and around obstacles, detecting the environment in addition to sealed sources.
  • In-active demonstrations were also conducted at the Magnox Dungeness site.

Collaborative white trial using sealed source at The University of Bristol, of the tethered Vega robot.

Collaborative white trial of the tethered Vega robot using sealed source, at The University of Bristol’s Fenswood facility.